The Coach’s role in the Miracle League is an extremely important one, and we need passionate people to lead our athletes! If you possess any or all of the requirements below, we encourage you to apply!

  • Dedicated: Coaches must be available for every practice and every game day. Your players are counting on you!
  • Enthusiastic:  Encouragement is key in this league! Your job is to mold confidence in your athlete.  They will know they can succeed because you believe in them.
  • Experience is not required but a bonus: Though our athletes may require adaptations to play the game, they need love and support like any other athlete to succeed.
  • Great Communication Skills: You are the contact person for your team. You will be responsible for communicating with parents about the practice schedule, game times and special events throughout the season.  
  • Problem Solver: Complications can arise on game days.  You must be able to solve any issues with poise and respect for all parties involved.
  • If you are extremely competitive, this may not be the league for you. The rules of our game are more relaxed than other leagues and we don’t want our athletes to feel pressure to succeed at unrealistic standards.


***Please Note: The times for your team’s game will differ every week, so please be available between 9:30-1:30 every Saturday there is a game.




If you're interested in being a coach,

please email with your name and a brief description about your experience with the special needs community.