Every athlete in the Miracle League is supported by an “Angel in the Outfield.”  Angels have an important responsibility to keep the player safe at all times and assist with adaptive needs while in the field or at bat. If you are patient, compassionate and want to create a loving friendship between you and a child with special needs, we look forward to having you as an Angel in the Outfield! 



Important: Angels are REQUIRED to wear their volunteer shirt every game day. You will not be allowed on the field if you do not have your shirt. Angel shirts are non-replaceable and are not sold to the public. Transferring a shirt to another individual is not allowed unless an extreme exception is considered and approved by the Miracle League Staff.  (i.e. Angel cannot fulfill their responsibilities/Angel un-expectedly unavailable for the remainder of the season) This is a matter of security we take very seriously. Your shirt tells the Miracle League staff you have been approved to work with our players .  Any opposition to the matter only hinders your player’s ability to be successful in the league.  Consistency is essential to the needs of our athletes. Please carefully consider the importance of this matter when signing up to be an Angel.



Floater Angels: Please indicate on your application if you would be willing to be a floater angel for an assigned team. 

Floater angels adapt easily and are willing to help where needed. Even if you are not assigned a specific player for a game, you will still assist the players and/or staff with the overall flow of the game. Floater Angels should be able to independently seek when/where tasks need to be fulfilled. Age: 16+